Under Eye Hollow and Loss of Youth in Face - Spokane, WA

I had originally made an an appointment with Dr. Chesnut to have Sculptra. After a consultation with him I was pleased to learn that I didn't need the Sculptra, but instead filler in a few areas that had lost its fullness. I was apprehensive because I didn't want a drastic change, but a subtle more natural look! My daughter works in the field of cosmetic aesthetics and she assured me Dr. Chesnut is the best in the Spokane area. Dr. Chesnut put filler in my temple area, jaw line, and lower lip! He also put Restalyne under my eyes for the hollowness. Dr. Chesnut recognized my apprehension and was extremely conservative with the treatment. He told me I would be back for more, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but he's right!! I absolutely love it! I think Dr. Chesnut appreciates the theory of "forever young", He is passionate about what he does and it shows right down to his kind and thoughtful staff! I'll be going back


Genetic Double Chin Overruled - Spokane, WA

Dr. Chesnut was very friendly and professional. He was excited to see results in a couple weeks and had excellent follow up. Dr. Chesnut provided a great framework of expectation for me so I could understand what was going on and what I could expect over the next several weeks without getting my hopes up with a magic cure in a day for my double chin. I even asked for a scientific breakdown of what Kybella does and how it works and was extremely impressed with his knowledge and ability to help me understand what would be going on inside my chin/body following the injections. I couldn't be happier with him and his staff and would recommend him for any of his specialized procedures. After my interaction with Dr. Chesnut it is obvious that he is young and eager to help you obtain your goal and you feel better about yourself as a person, not just as a patient.


Severe Stretch Marks, Used CO2 As Alternative to Invasive Procedures, Loved Results! - Spokane, WA

Dr. Chesnut is highly knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to explain the procedure and gave me a very realistic idea of what to expect during and after the procedure. Dr. Chesnut gave a detailed understanding of what kind of improvement I would see and how long it would take to see it. He followed up with me several times post procedure to ensure that I was healing properly. I am highly satisfied with my overall experience and have returned for other procedures.


Healthy 51 Yr Old Who Loves the Outdoors and Had the Sun Damage to Prove It - Spokane, WA

Through 3 successful surgeries with Dr. Chesnut I realize I've had the best of the best. Dr Chesnut is a master of his craft, at the top of his profession. I would travel anywhere in the U.S. to benefit from his surgical skill. His confidence and skill come with warmth, genuine caring for his patients and pride in the quality of care and results he provides. His team is very responsive and helpful prior to and post procedure. (Shelby, JenAh, Nicole, Gail)


Better Botox With Dr. Chesnut Than the East Coast!! Spokane, WA

During the process he was very careful and followed up with me the next week. Dr. Chesnut made sure to inquire about my results and if I was experiencing any reaction. He is well trained and I have interacted with several surgeons. I feel he has great bedside manners and I would visit him again or refer anyone to him. Don't wait to make an appointment with him...just call now!!


56 Year Old Sun Lover - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Chesnut was competing his fellowship at UCLA, one of the best dermatology schools , when he performed the laser treatment for me. He was extremely knowledgeable in the equipment used, treatment procedure, follow up care and realistic expectations. He brings a calm and comfortable demeanor to the procedure making it a pleasant experience.


Simply Amazing! Lip Augmentation and Cheek Volume, Young 30s Female - Spokane, WA

Dr. Chesnut was personable and answered my questions in a way I could really understand. He made me feel at ease. I instantly knew I was in great hands.

Rae Jordan

I Want to Look my Best at Daughter's Upcoming Wedding (So the Groom Won't Fear His Bride's Aging). :-) - Spokane, WA

Spokane is blessed to have Dr. Cameron Chesnut as an exceptional resource in the field of dermatology. Here is a skilled physician who loves his work! It is clear that he is a veritable sponge when it comes to continuously soaking up every grain of information that is possible to access about his field. This keeps him constantly aware of all the latest and ever-evolving techniques that other physicians might overlook in favor of comfortable stagnation. Further, he is wonderfully personable, very accessible and is entirely dedicated to his patients’ healthy outcomes. Besides being extremely intelligent, he’s genuinely kind with a big heart. Dr. Chesnut gets my 5-stars and a big thumbs-up.


Sixty Eight Year Looking for a Fresher Look - Spokane, WA

Dr. Chesnut is a wonderful Doctor to work with, especially if you like a more natural look. I did not want to look a whole lot younger than I am and did not want the typical face lift. I wanted a more natural look and Dr. Chesnut believes in that and that is exactly what he did for me. He takes a lot of time with you for questions and to ease your fear no matter what those might be. He is extremely "gifted" in what he does and works hard to achieve your goals. I feel so blessed to find a Doctor who cares so much,does what he tells you he will do and is so good at it!

Bev Kraft

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