Male Cosmetic Procedures

Men have a completely different aesthetic than women.  Men’s eyes, brows, jawline, mouth, neck, and even skin are significantly different, and what works for women does not carry over to men, which is why even some excellent aesthetic physicians for women have trouble with the male aesthetic, it is a totally different knowledge.

Having trained in the home of the male aesthetic, Los Angeles, Dr. Chesnut is a national thought leader on cosmetic treatments for men.

Certain treatments have an especially strong impact in men as far as portraying a strong, powerful and virile projection.  The goal with men is not necessarily just to look younger. Men in professional careers tend to seek cosmetic treatments to improve their presence in both their professional and personal lives.

Men often require treatments that more stealth and subtle with minimal downtime while maintaining a high impact in the long run.  These high yield treatments for men often include laser resurfacing, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and precise masculine revolumization with PRP and Sculptra.

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