Wrinkles that form from facial muscular movements and expression are one of the first signs of aging. At first is wrinkles are dynamic, only coming with movement, but with repetitive and continued motion on skin that is also aging, those dynamic wrinkles start to become permanent or static.

These wrinkle relaxers, or neuromodulators - Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin - are one of the foundations of facial aesthetics. They can relax wrinkles that are already formed, and are best utilized as a prevention or maintenance treatment to then keep them away.

Dr. Chesnut is one of the most skilled injectors in the nation and is utilized as a trainer at the highest level to teach other physicians by the hundreds who are also at the top of their games. Your treatment with him will be directly personalized to your individual anatomy; cookie-cutter treatments tend to give below average results. He will also use less units of product than most people because of his precise placement and individual plan for you.

Your injector does matter. A significant portion of Dr. Chesnut's practice is dedicated to fixing inadequate and botched jobs done by unskilled injectors, and with these fixes he often sees injectors using approximately double or triple the number of units that they actually needed to achieve and ideal result.

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